A lot has happened since Christ’s Letters was first penned in the year 2000. For the first 7 years, they were only available on the internet until the Recorder self-published them as Christ Returns – Speaks His Truth. In 2009 the book appeared in France, Spain and the USA under a new title Christ Returns – Reveals Startling Truth.

Now, as the work is most often referred to as Christ’s Letters, all new editions appear with this title. The content is exactly the same and has never been reformatted, edited or changed in any way.

The main websites of Christ’s Letters are this site, and the Recorder’s two sites.

Recorder’s sites: www.christsway.co.za and www.headquarters.christsway.co.za/


Over 40 years, Christ purified and de-conditioned the mind of an Englishwoman who had been educated in a Catholic convent. In the year 2000 at the age of 80, she began to transcribe, under Christ’s direction, the teaching she received throughout her years of contact with him.

She was told to remain anonymous and to refer to herself as Recorder.


How long has it been since you, like me, have wanted to know the Truth about “Jesus Christ” without ever being able to find it? Here, finally in his own words we are taught what the churches never spoke of, either out of ignorance or by deliberate concealment to establish their authority.  This is precious teaching which centers on the “Universal and Unconditional Love” of all Life, and notably our own. – Meditation France

The guidance set out in this book, if followed, would create a wonderful new world.  I recommend you read it. – True Blue Spirit Magazine

I discovered a book that puts into words much of what I have known to be Truth for me.  Questions about reincarnation, cause and effect, karma, Jesus’ childhood, Jesus’ relationship with his family and friends, his time in the desert, resurrection, significance of the cell membrane, when life begins, our relationship with the earth and universe, God as our source and so much more were clarified and affirmed.  – Source Books & Sacred Spaces

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