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This website is a support aid for your individual spiritual journey as you read the Christ’s Letters book daily. If you do not have the book yet you can pick up a full digital copy FREE on the Recorders Website:  https://www.christsway.co.za. If you would prefer a paper copy, you can buy one by clicking the link Buy the Book.

Christ’s Letters is a GUIDE BOOK on how best to live life in the most joyful, harmonious way possible. If used as Christ asks, it is a Master’s course on how to express and achieve Unconditional Love – Divine Love. The message TRANSCENDS ALL RELIGIOUS DOCTRINES WORLDWIDE.

If you read the book daily, apply the knowledge to your DAILY life, pray and meditate in TOTAL BELIEF in the TRUTH given to you in Christ’s Letters, eventually your life will change and become more abundant with “little blessings showering your path”.

HOWEVER, it has to be said, you must have the WILL POWER and STRENGTH to PERSEVERE no matter what. Remember that the LIFE FORCE is within and all around you at all times working as your personal constant support. Eventually you will grow to know and experience Divine Life working with you daily, bringing YOU peace of mind and joyful spirit. THIS BOOK IS TRUTH.

Christ’s Letters is the truth of life on earth as we know it today and it offers us the help that we truly need to save ALL LIFE on this planet. But, we must take responsibility for our consciousness and work daily to bring unconditional love to ourselves, everyone and everything around us! It is the only way! 

Are you with me? Let’s go!


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