Who am I?

I am Divine Life Individualised. Guess what? So are you! You are Divine Life Individualised. You and I have within us, the Life Force, Divine Life.

At the very core of our being, in each and EVERY ONE of us is the essence of Divine Life. We are connected because we come from the same source. The source of our being is Divine Life. You may believe you are alone and you may even feel like you are, however, these beliefs are false. We are all connected with the source of our being. You and I have Divine Life within us, and IT is personal to us and can be contacted. IT can be contacted by praying, meditating and practicing Unconditional Love daily. Divine Life is Unconditional Love.

The essence within us is our soul, which has been drawn directly from Divine Consciousness. Your soul, is your true individuality, it is PURE, it is PRISTINE. It is sitting within you, lovingly waiting for you to realise the truth of who you really are. It is waiting to work within you from the standpoint of Pure Unconditional Love ONLY. When you express yourself daily from a standpoint of Unconditional Love, gradually, you let your soul take control of your life. Your life will become more joyful and abundantly blessed!

Until the time of soul evolution within, your soul sits patiently waiting for you to realise that all other identities you hold dear to you. Identities, that you have created to form your personality since birth, are not your true individuality and they can be stripped away. The true individual you: YOUR SOUL, does not identify with the personality traits you have given yourself, your taste in fashion, body shape, your social status or political standpoint. It identifies only as Divine Life Individualised and it waits patiently within to express Divine Life, Unconditional Love.

Your soul, the true you, is the UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL expression of Divine Life. It does not identify with any of the socially constructed labels you chose to identify with. The TRUE YOU is not a label, or a variety of labels, it is a unique expression of Divine Life.

Is your true individuality, your soul in control of you, or is your ego in control of you?

Can you strip away the socially constructed labels that cloud over who you really are?

Can you stop identifying with your body and mind as being all you are?

Do you realise that neither your body, your mind or society are in control of you?

Can you come to see clearly that YOU and I are the same at the very core of our being?

You are in control of you, nobody and nothing else, you control your life.

May Divine Life enlighten your mind with beautiful new insights daily, dear friend.  

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Think about what you have just read as you listen to these songs, interpret them as a Divine gift for your ears and mind!

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