What is My Purpose?

My purpose is to express Divine Life. YOUR PURPOSE is the same as mine. Our purpose is to EXPRESS Divine Life! Our purpose may be the same, how we carry it out is different. For, we are unique individuals, and we are creative in our own way, our creativity expresses our individuality. Therefore, our expressions of Divine Life will be different. What is an expression of Divine Life? An action that has Unconditional Loving intent behind it. It is Divine Love in action.

What is Unconditional Love? Unconditional Love is to Love EVERY ONE and EVERY THING, with acceptance, understanding and appreciation in your heart and mind, no matter what they may do. This includes loving who you really are. It means loving and accepting the body in which you inhabit, as it is, unchanged and unmasked. It is loving and accepting your personality and the mistakes it may bring. It is learning, accepting and understanding your reality and how it is at this present time. It is learning to accept and understand your responsibilities and how to change your reality and to grow in love and happiness.

Learn what you need to learn and act on it, stop punishing yourself and accept Life. Take control of your mind and heart and learn to love ALL of you, the natural you, the TRUE INDIVIDUAL YOU. If you don’t know who the true individual you is, meditate and ask Divine Life, “who am I really?” and the answer will come to you. Work with Divine Consciousness to achieve who you were meant to be and what you are really meant to be doing.

To express Divine Life is to carry out every daily task with gladness in your heart and mind. It is to express joyfully the innate creativity within you. It is to uplift everyone and everything in your world including yourself.  

What you are in body, is the sex and race you were meant to be born with. This means that The Creator: Divine Life, did not get this wrong, you were meant to be in the body in which you reside. You are MEANT TO LEARN to express the sex of the body in which you find yourself in. Learn to express your feminine drive if you are in the body of a girl or a woman. Learn to express your masculine drive if you are in the body of a boy or a man.

When you meditate, pray and practice UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, as best as you can daily, asking Divine Life for help in performing your true innate duty. You will find that you can express the TRUE YOU very well. You will find your work, mood and life changing for the better; you will eventually find life more joyful and less stressful. You will set goals and work towards them and quickly achieve them, gradually stepping up and finding your true individuality.

It is incredibly important for humanity to step away from the “societal norms” that we find ourselves in. The creation of many political movements and religious teachings within the world are highly destructive and serve no other means than to separate men and women from the truth of their innate purposes in life. The battle of the sexes is a useless, ego driven activity which is in extreme opposition to Divine Love Intent.

Quotes from Christ’s Letters:

“Men and women were created to perform special tasks in life suited to their underlying natures”. L4. P178

“It should be remembered also, that each person, male or female have lessons to learn in life which can only be learnt in the sex – and the race – in which they find themselves.” L4. P183

“Man and woman are two EQUAL halves of one whole”. L4. P180

Man and woman are meant to express themselves differently. Their innate, natural abilities should be cherished and appreciated, not fought over; creating anger, resentment and hostility. The human race could come to an end if there were no more naturally loving fathers and mothers expressing themselves as they truly were meant to interdependently within the family unit. Where would the loving equal balance of consciousness from the most “intelligent” life forms on the planet come from?

Each and every one of us is responsible for the consciousness of our planet, if we work together to change our personal consciousness, life on earth would become a peaceful place for everyone and everything. Unconditional Love would be the natural consciousness of the whole planet! PEACE will reign on earth. It is the only TRUE way, dear friend!

PS. If you believe you have achieved your innate earthly goal, then meditation will help you to find your next spiritual goal. Ask “Divine Life, what is my next goal?” Give thanks and know the answer will come shortly. Slowly you will find new directions to follow and there, waiting for you will be your new goal especially suited to your individuality. This goal will always be a creative form of expressing Unconditional Love for ALL PEOPLE. Then, you start to travel along the path to becoming a Master of Creativity. All you beautiful famous artists and truth seekers out there who have already Mastered the realm of Creativity through art forms, your next goal may be to practice Unconditional Love in a family setting as a loving parent or carer. Or maybe your goal is to reach Self Mastery!

May my joyful acceptance of Life and the love and beauty it has to offer radiate your thoughts and actions today, dear friend.  

Suggested songs: Always read the lyrics

Think about what you have just read as you listen to these songs, interpret them as a Divine gift for your ears and mind!

Lyrics can be found at www.genius.com