Truth Seekers

Truth Seekers

The internet has become an amazing place in that it enables us to connect with people in any part of the “developed” world almost instantly. If you have internet access, you have access to a wide array of people with a wide array of beliefs and varying points of view on a vast amount of topics. All you have to do is drop a question about a topic into a search engine and hey presto, you find information. Now, it has to be said, the information you find may at first may seem like every webpage has the same viewpoint and then, that indeed would suggest that the information presented to you is undeviating, unchangeable fact. However, if you dare to go deeper with your search, and push the boundaries of your mind and your beliefs you find another world opening up to you. This new world does indeed feel scary and wrong but when one opens their minds to new ideas, without judgement, criticism and condemnation of what others say REGARDLESS of their status in life, then one is practising Unconditional Love for their fellow men and women who think differently to them. If we all were to embrace differences in opinion and beliefs rather than vociferously attack people with opposing viewpoints, then we would be able to create a peaceful world where difference is entirely respected.

Why fight and attack each other about what is believed to be right or wrong? When in actual fact many of us have no first hand experience in the belief we are so strongly upholding?! Surely respect, attention and reverence is due to the individual (“professional” or otherwise) who spends their lives passionately searching and compiling and freely sharing evidence to prove what they believe to be true? Surely, in this day and age, love and respect should be given to each and every individual who dares to live comfortably or live life on the edge of curiosity, however strange or bonkers the beliefs of some may be! People of the first world really need to consider whether they want to live in a world where punishing others with judgement, vociferous condemnation and violent attacks because of an opposing opinion to their own is really worth the harvest they are sowing. Is slapping labels on your brothers and sisters what you really want others to do to you? Is casting down judgement in the guise of labels, attempting to silence others through threatening behaviour really what we want to teach our children? OR do we want our children to be able to speak out when they feel they have an opinion? Would we prefer our children to say nothing however detrimental an action may be to their well being?

Having said all of the above, I hope that you can understand why it is very important for your spiritual development to listen to all viewpoints on a topic in a non judgmental way. However passionate you are about a topic, the same can be said for the opposing side. It is important that we begin to open our minds and truly think about the information presented to us, can we in some way prove for ourselves what we hear? If we can’t, why believe it? Why not be aware of all varying beliefs on a topic, keeping an open mind until you find out for yourself whether there is any truth to what has been heard? Does a person’s status, profession or a position in society really always hold weight on the truth of a topic? It really is the time to start to say how you really feel about a topic and listen carefully to the information you hear and start to question everything. Beliefs should be discussed in a peaceful and respectful way, the Unconditionally Loving way.

“Treat others as you would like to be treated”

I love you unconditionally and I know that Divine Life does too. May this TRUTH bring peace to your mind and heart today and always dear friend.

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