Judith in Texas, Sept 7, 2011:  “I feel I am past my search for the indwelling spirit. I have followed different teachings for over 39 years. I came upon this website? I have not read the letters but I am sitting here in tears, a feeling of being cleansed by each drop of water from my eyes. I cannot dismiss this, I am getting ready to order the book. Thank you Father….”

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Here are a few extracts of the powerful testimonies received from the United States, Spain, England, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, or download the PDF version of a compilation of testimonies.

— Suffice it to say, if I was allowed only one book for the rest of my life, this is the book I would choose.

— When I found Christ’s Letters, I got exactly what I was looking for: simplicity, straight forward language, and yet, the most powerful truth of existence that anyone could possibly find.

— I too have read and followed the COURSE in MIRACLES, and I sincerely believe that it has helped me in some measure, as everything is adequate and necessary. But the affectionate nearness and even the yearning to know and advance further, CHRIST has given me through His LETTERS. It’s different. from all that’s gone before. The LETTERS give us the essence that we are all in search of. I’m going to continue to practice and soon I hope to see profound changes in my life

— Now, after studying and putting CHRIST’S Teaching into practice, I am aware of what must be overcome in myself. Often at the most unexpected moment, I can SEE that such and such an attitude/conduct must be overcome. I go to DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS with the desire to eradicate this from my consciousness and later I am aware it is no longer there.

— I feel as if my study has helped me eliminate much anger and pressures from my life and become a more loving person. For example, it seems I can relax and enjoy my grandchildren much more than I could my children. I worried about money and appearances and now I almost know I’m rich, OK and Special. The concept of a God (Father) who loves and protects is wonderful compared to a strict ruler who wrote all my transgressions in his book. I now feel much more “oneness” with the joys and pains of others.

— I have completely read the Letters through five times (the last time very slowly, only a page or two each day during my morning meditation). All that I had been looking for these past twenty years were right here in the Letters. Nevertheless I do not believe I would have been prepared to accept the Letters if I had not explored all of the other material. It prepared me to receive this truth. The most interesting concepts I learned from the Letters are the powers of electricity and magnetism, not only in creating all that is, but in every facet of the world as I see it. The Letters seem to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. I now know that the two are not exclusive.

— The Letters were my spiritual download of a lifetime and as the “principles” deepened within me the constant “mind” chatter and mental merry-go-round began to slip away. I realized that it was “me” silly old “me” creating the noise and disharmony all along, not only was the mental heaviness relieved but I began to find strength and comfort within the “stillness” of “being” and from this stillness of “being” I move throughout my day knowing that the “Truth is setting me free”. The Letters are the tools I use to work with in consciousness and I now sense a magnitude of great opportunity for change at hand and when our desire for the highest is consistent with a balanced “mind”, patience to “listen” and the “heart” to know the difference, can we safely pave a road to the “Kingdom of Heaven”.”

— “Filling in the missing pieces about Jesus’ life was so gratifying and removed so much of the smoke and mirrors placed in books such as the bible. I now realize that real Truth is within each of us and must be accessed on our own accord using the insights provided in the Letters. We have been sold a bill of false good by churches and other religious authorities mostly to hide the truth and most certainly to keep we the sheeple stuck in stupid acting on invalid so-called “infallible doctrines”.

As a result of studying this material I feel much more easy and in control of my life as well as knowing there is forever more to expand into. I feel more in tune with the flow of life and altogether more closer to All that Is. My ego is losing its false power more each day and soon it will be entirely of no value as I work exclusively from my God presence.”

— Today I know my consciousness is higher and I live firmly convinced, that the contact the higher part of myself, my soul, has been able to make is with DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS; and it is amazing what one achieves. Now I no longer battle with life from day to day. Things appear from where one least expects to find them. It’s inexplicable at the beginning; it’s the synchronicity that I choose in my new way of life. I fully recommend the reading and meditation on the LETTERS; your life will change.

Download a PDF version of the Testimonies