Spiritual Consciousness

Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness is a term used by Christ to explain his state of consciousness and the heights that we all should be striving to achieve.

Christ says:

“My entire consciousness – irrespective of other people’s thoughts or words, belief or non – belief, love or hatred, acceptance or rejection of me, remains that of PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  It never falters or changes. My attitudes are consistently those of pure LOVE, CARING and COMPASSION which I experience as a profound yearning to uplift, heal and prosper.”

Can you compassionately accept all people irrelative of what they may have done or are doing to you, others or the world? Do you realise that everyone is trying to get along with life as best they can? Do you realise that everyone has their lessons to learn in life and whatever errors they make intentionally or unintentionally come back to them in like harvest? Do you look at all people from the standpoint of Unconditional Love and acceptance in your heart? That is the spiritual heights to which we all need to eventually reach.

Divine Consciousness

Divine Consciousness is the spirit of Divine Life. It is the consciousness radiations of Divine Life. When you pray and ask for help, Divine Consciousness radiates love outward to you. If you consistently meditate daily with belief that you will make contact, eventually YOU WILL make contact. But it takes time and consistency. Meditation in complete silence and stillness of body and mind is achievable, it may take a lot of time and practise. When you achieve contact, it is a glorious experience that you will never forget. When you begin to make contact you will KNOW the truth as I know it. Divine Life is the creator of all things living, it is the animate life force within and around you and I at all times. It’s consciousness is accessible to us, to make our lives more peaceful, joyful and prosperous in every area.

“Your only TRUTH is Divine Consciousness, which leads only to growth and perfection if you FULLY TRUST IT to do so.”

Universal Consciousness

Universal Consciousness is the God dimension; it is unknowable and un-go-able. It is extremely powerful, it is billions of times more powerful than the suns radiations. It is in silence and stillness, it is in equilibrium. It is where Electricity and Magnetism are held in embrace silently and in utter stillness. If you were to go there and enter into it, you would lose your individuality and disappear into the Universal Consciousness embrace. Universal Consciousness is where Divine Life was created; it is where Divine Life got its consciousness. Universal Consciousness is where the Big Bang happened and formed Divine Life. Universal Consciousness is the be all and end all of LIFE.

May your day be filled with moments of pure delight at life’s little blessings, dear friend.

PS: Consciousness is a Massive topic; the Christ’s Letters book explains it in great detail. This is why reading the letters daily is essential. Gradually, the knowledge will become a part of your consciousness. It takes time to understand and finally know for yourself, the TRUTH of existence. Consistent contact with Divine Life, reading the letters and cleansing your consciousness through prayer and action you will get all of the answers that you need and your life will become more joyful and abundantly prosperous in every area!

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