When praying to Divine Life, there is no need to get on your knees and put your hands together with your head bowed, you don’t have to kneel at the side of your bed and speak out loud. You speak inside your head whenever you want, Divine Life will get the message and in due course respond to you with what you need, AS LONG AS YOU BELIEVE.

There is no need to use fancy or dramatic language in a prayer. A prayer is as simple or as complex as you make it. Christ says ask and pray in simple terms. So why not make it simple. If in your prayer you are asking for something, help or otherwise, always give glad and grateful thanks. I give thanks to Divine Life throughout the day, whenever I remember to. I write out my prayer, as it is usually a goal and stick it up in my kitchen so that I can remind myself of the goal I have set, I may say the prayer each day until I get my answer. After praying, I never go away and complain about my problem to others and if a moan comes into my head, I pray “Father Mother Life rid me of these thoughts”.

I have provided for you some of the prayers I wrote out over the past year, I have other, less colourful ones. I wanted to share some prayers with you so that you had an idea of what a prayer looks like. If you would like to to use any below, you are more than welcome to download them. Some of my prayers were stuck up in my kitchen window by my sink so that I could look at them and pray whilst washing the dishes, hence the watermarks, likewise the same goes for the quotes and confirmations I have put up for you to browse and use. Accept these watermarks as my signature! Also, I am not sure how well they will print but do let me know how it goes if you decide to print them. Lastly, the reason why I wrote and coloured in the prayers, confirmations and quotes is because I found it very therapeutic and helpful to focus on the words as I coloured in the pages.