Personal Consciousness

Personal Consciousness

The personal consciousness of an individual is defined by many characteristics. Each characteristic has within it, its own frequency of vibration. So the sum total of the personal consciousness of an individual is the amalgamation of all characteristics of that one individual. For example, there are three parts to the “spirit” of you, The Ego – The Psyche – The Soul. These operate together presently and make up the true YOU. Your body resides within the consciousness frequencies of matter, however it is affected by your personal consciousness frequencies. The personal consciousness, the spirit, is not the body you inhabit, the body is a CAPSULE in which you control and use to experience the world around you. The body is an apparatus for you to use, to help you to communicate with the world and everything in it. The body is not you, “it is a vehicle, making the human consciousness visible to others”. What does the body you inhabit say about your personal consciousness? What does your personal physical body say about the present you?

Your consciousness is three parts of your spirit working together, these are: the Ego, the Psyche and the Soul. Your particular consciousness depends on whether the ego or the soul is more in control. The psyche is the voice that tells you right from wrong. It is the go between of the ego and the soul, until the soul takes over, the psyche operates on its behalf.

If an individual is entirely ego driven, then their personal consciousness will be lower than an individual who operates out of soul intent, which is to express Divine Love. The individual operating from a standpoint of Unconditional Love for himself and others will be higher in consciousness frequencies and therefore “closer” to the consciousness of Divine Life. The Ego intent is to keep the individual safe, comfortable and happy, focusing on their particular survival. The Ego is an important part of your spirit and is necessary.

Your personal consciousness is what makes up your inner world. It affects the health and wellbeing of the mind and body YOU OPERATE. Your personal consciousness is what defines your outer world also, as your spirit is made up of electricity and magnetism with which you are always emitting or radiating and drawing back to you instantly or at a later time. You are electromagnetic, therefore your consciousness attracts and repels all the times. You are like a big electric magnet throwing out life and getting it back every moment of every day. Your human consciousness has polarities like a magnet with its north and south (bonding and rejection) and electricity like a battery throwing out Positive and Negative charge combined.

So what kind of output and input of electromagnetic charge does your personal consciousness radiate and attract? Well, this entirely depends upon three aspects:

  • Your perceptions and beliefs about life
  • Your daily thoughts, words and deeds
  • Your habitual responses to situations

Your personal consciousness can be changed, if you change your personal consciousness then the consciousness of the body will change and what you attract to you will also change. But first you will have to go through a time of remorse to rid yourself of past actions of your ego. Going through a gradual process of ridding yourself of ego traits, your soul will gain more control of your spirit and your consciousness will be gradually heightened to a more joyful state of being. You have to work with Divine Life to help to rid yourself of negative ego traits and this time of change is very tough, it can be an emotional roller coaster, but it is the only way. When it is over you will be glad you did it! Believe me, you will!

 I can help you, by sharing with you what I have done. You will find resources on this website to help you along. You can also contact me via this site too. You can do it! You WILL make life better for yourself and everyone around you if you make the change and the blessings will come to you when you begin to heighten your consciousness frequencies!

May Divine Life radiate frequencies of joy and harmony to you and your family today, my friend.

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