Human Consciousness

Human Consciousness

The Human consciousness on a whole is currently operating at a lower vibratory frequency than it could be. If the consciousness of humanity were to rise by expressing Divine Love daily, illness, disease, world disasters, famine, wars and other world issues would disappear! If we change our consciousness frequencies to Divine LOVE intent – Unconditional Love – we would save our planet from all the problems we currently experience; personal, national and international! The more people who take responsibility of raising their consciousness frequencies, the healthier and happier they make themselves, everyone around them and the planet! Our planet is our world, and as a global community, we have a responsibility, EACH OF US, to change our personal consciousness in order to make our planet a more harmonious place to live!

The way people behave on a day to day basis has an effect on themselves, the people around them and the environment, this affect may be minor if it were just an individual’s response to a situation. But, imagine if it were a group of people, a nation of people, a world of people? Well, let’s consider this scenario: If a nation of people with the same beliefs and perceptions about their country hear a displeasing news story about their government, they display a reaction. A person, group or nation of people might react in a variety of ways in thoughts, words or action. If indeed their reaction is negative, they will emit rejective, replusive consciousness frequencies in the form of: disgust, intolerance, condemnation, criticism, anger, aggression, hopelessness, hostility, resentment or fear out into their environment. The more people that emit these frequencies at the same moment, the more powerful the frequencies become. Therefore, the more powerful will the frequencies in like form come back, in a day, week, month or year/s. The human spirit is operating electromagnetically, as is ALL LIFE. Everyone of us is an electric magnet emitting consciousness frequencies constantly. A nation of people who emit angry, violent, aggressive impulses out into their environment – their country- will eventually reap what they sow in like form in the future, this may come back in the form of storms, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, war or disease of some kind.

If an individual, group or nation of people decided to respond in a more positive way or not respond at all and, instead asked Divine Life for help with the situation, IN TOTAL BELIEF: “Divine Life, please help me to find the best remedy to the national problems we currently face”. The answer will surely come in, it may come like a flash into the mind or you may be directed to read a particular book, watch a video, look up a particular topic on the internet or you might find a stranger spark up a conversation with you about the topic on a park bench. You will get your answer from Divine Life, all you have to do is BELIEVE AND RECEIVE! All that you need is within and around you, as long as you believe, meditate, pray, change your consciousness to express Love, no matter what. Do not doubt it. It is the TRUTH.


Man was created to express Divine Life. So, man, like Divine life was created to create. Divine Life creates and we create. Humans have discovered and created many wonderful things over many centuries, to name but a few: language, music, song, culture, fire, cooked food, clothes, homes, furniture, the amazing washing machine! They invented the car, the telephone, aircraft, boats, the computer and the internet! These creations were born out of the minds of human consciousness operating out of Divine Love Intent. These individuals intended on bringing upliftment and harmony to their fellow men. The washing machine for example, took away the burden of hand washing for housewives. How amazing is the human spirit when it works with Divine Life to create thoughtful things to lighten peoples loads and lessening burdens. There have been and are many excellent artists who have created beautiful songs, music, poetry, stories with the intent to uplift people, to help them to release tension and forget a stressful day. How beautiful the individual who expresses Divine Love is. How beautiful the heights of consciousness and beyond to which we all can aspire to!

Man is indeed extremely creative, he can create with Divine Life Intent. OR he can create with the intention of destruction and disharmony of other people and the environment in which he works. If a person is wholly ego driven and uses his creativity in a selfish, greedy, power hungry way, he is working in opposition to Divine Love Intent. He is leaving a trail of destruction, be it small or huge, creating dis ease and in extreme circumstances illness and death of innocent people or other forms of life. The EGO DRIVEN individual may not realise it but, as they sow, so shall they reap.

It is essential that we all strive to achieve unconditional love every moment of the day no matter our circumstances. Lift your heart, mind and spirit up to Divine Life and focus on changing for the betterment of yourself and everyone around you. Whatever position you hold within the work force, you can stop destructive behaviour and start working from a standpoint of Unconditional Love ONLY. Work with Divine Life and find the TRUE YOU, you will reap rewards greater than any amount of money could ever give you!

May you find the strength to practice and achieve Unconditional Love in your thoughts and actions daily. Dear Friend

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