There is only one thing to have faith in and that is Divine Life. When you truly know what Divine Life is and how to express it daily and become witness to the blessings it brings, your faith will increase. First, you must hold fast to the truth given to you in Christ’s Letters. These Letters are the Truth and they will FREE your mind and heart from pain and suffering . If you work hard to cleanse your mind and heart of the beliefs you hold and your responses to life, your life will become more abundant! If you work daily, from a standpoint of Unconditional Love for yourself and all life, your life WILL become more joyous and harmonious.  Meditation opens up communication with Divine Life and speeds up the process of finding peace. Christ refers to a place within us all that is peaceful and joyous, it is heaven – it is our soul.

“The kingdom of heaven is where happiness is a state of mind that cannot be touched by the outside world with all its cares and worries”.

I have complete faith in Divine Life and have many experiences to prove that what Christ speaks of is THE TRUTH. Faith is a strong conviction or belief in something. I have experienced, therefore, I KNOW. I have a strong conviction and so, my faith in Divine Life is strong.

I KNOW I am Divine Life Individualised.

I KNOW my purpose.

I KNOW Divine Life operates ONLY from a standpoint of Unconditional Love intent.

I KNOW that ALL LIFE FORMS, including my spirit, my body, my thoughts, words and actions are electromagnetic impulses and therefore, Cause and Effect is Electromagnetic. How amazingly intelligent and loving Divine Life is! We already have natural laws set in place to avail of, rather than the laws created by man.

I KNOW Cause and Effect is in action daily and have experienced many bad harvests that I know I have sown in the past.

I KNOW Divine Life is not a man sitting in the clouds looking down on me, punishing me. I KNOW that I have punished myself over the years because of my responses to situations and my ignorance of the Laws of Existence – Cause and Effect.

I KNOW that as I ask I will receive as long as I ask for what I need from an Unconditionally Loving standpoint. I ALWAYS give glad and grateful thanks.

I KNOW that I have nothing to fear, I am aware of where I will go when my body dies and I chose when I leave.

I KNOW that I am protected, provided for, my needs are fulfilled and I am healthy.

I KNOW that I am not a sinner and that sins do not exist. Mistakes however, do exist. All errors, however disgusting or heinous are still mistakes. The errors we make are there to be learned from, understood and in time forgiven. All errors are the result of ego-centric behaviour, lack of self-discipline and lack of Love for all LIFE. The more heinous the error, the more lost and troubled an individual. Therefore, when an individual realises the truth of their existence every error, however heinous, can be seen as a mistake and can be forgiven and understood. I do not know what outrageous things that I may have done in past lives so how can I condemn, judge and punish those who do outrageous things in this life? They eventually punish themselves later in life from the harvest that they have sown anyway!

I KNOW that Divine Life is known by many names: Allah, Jehovah, The Father, God, The Universe, Krishna, they are all names for the same thing: OUR CREATOR. However, their meaning is different and bring with them strict religious teachings and division among their followers worldwide. All religions bring division, anger, fear and sometimes war. No religious teaching is exact and completely truthful, they are limiting and are a DETERRENT to your spiritual progress.

Divine Life does not see sin, it does not punish or judge or cast out its children. Our Creator does not make women subordinate to men and have them cover their faces so that they cannot avail of the fresh air. God does not make its ministers live a life of celibacy, leaving them with lack of progeny – the experience of being a loving father or mother. Father Mother Life does not restrict its follower of experiencing the ecstatic release and closeness that TRUE loving sexual intercourse brings. Divine Life does not set out disease among its children and tell them to cover their airways shielding them from fresh life giving air. Divine Life does not make people judge condemn and distrust their brothers and sisters for not following a system; that they do not believe. This is human behaviour, human fear, the human ego at work, Cause and Effect at work, it is not Divine Love in action.

Divine Life is not a human, humans were created in the likeness of Divine Life, Divine Life is not a man, it is ALL LIFE – it is electromagnetism in action. Divine Life is ALL Life, the seen and unseen. The problems we face today is of our own making, not of the Creator.  If we want to change our problems, we need to change our beliefs. Have faith in the True God, the True Allah, the true Krishna that Jesus represents to you in Christ’s Letters. Do not be afraid of an avenging Creator, It does not exist.

“Abandon all fears, they have availed you nothing!”  

No matter what your position in life and your current or past behaviour, always remember you are still loved by Divine Life not matter what! Practise, Pray, meditate, strive to achieve Unconditional Love for yourself and others and it will come to you!

May the above truths impress relief in your mind and give you the strength to let go of the old dogmatic ways you have clung to, they are holding you back! The truth will set you free! There is nothing to fear. Let go and KNOW Divine Life is always with you!  Peace and Blessings to you, dear friend.

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Naele Donald Walsch: God’s Message To The World, You have Got Me All Wrong.

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Always read the lyrics, think about what you have read and interpret these songs as a Divine Gift to your ears and mind!