Ego Consciousness

Ego Consciousness

There are three parts to the spirit of the human consciousness, these are: the ego, the psyche and the soul. The human consciousness is encapsulated within the human body, the state of the human body depends entirely on the human consciousness that resides within the body and radiates outwards. When an individual’s soul is in control, their consciousness frequencies are closer to Divine Life Consciousness frequencies. They find it easy to express Unconditional Love for themselves and all others – regardless of others differences.

When the ego is dominating a person’s consciousness then their consciousness frequencies are lower, therefore further from Divine Consciousness frequencies. An individual who operates mainly from ego consciousness holds fast to beliefs that are detrimental to their mental well-being and physical health. Their behaviours impinge on the mental health and well-being of others around them. They may have others who are reliant on them, such as children, or employees. They may be leaving a trail of consciousness destruction behind them daily that they are totally unaware of. The individual who radiates ego consciousness frequencies is highly materialistic. Their worries are self-centred and their perceptions of life may be all they can relate to.

The more limited and destructive the beliefs of an individual, the more ego driven the individual is. If a person believes that to survive in this world, they must fit in with the social norms such as fashion, looking and behaving in a certain way then they are ego driven. If they cannot see the viewpoint of another and only their own, they are ego driven.  If they believe that the way they behave and live their lives is the only way life should be lived, then they are ego driven. If they believe they must fight for everything they need in life and that the world is a war arena then they are ego driven. If they are in a position of power and feel that to survive on earth they must control and dominate people of lower status in order to protect themselves, they are, indeed highly ego driven.

Ego consciousness is currently dominating the world. We currently live in a seemingly fear driven world. People choose to watch films and television series and play video games that promote violence, attracting fear, anger and violence into their minds and hearts. People wonder why life was so different in the past and why the world has become an unsafe place to live. Could it be because people in the past did not entertain themselves with as much TV and other forms of media as they do nowadays?

If we choose to entertain ourselves with media that has a negative impact on our well being, we are choosing to bring such negative effects into being. As Christ says what is first conceived of in mind soon express itself in the physical world. Therefore, what we decide to fill our minds with is important to our well being. Pornography, sexually explicit songs and videos, horror films, violent and vulgar TV shows and fear mongering news stories are affecting our well being. Engaging in the activities above has made the ego exert itself within the human spirit even more than it really needs to. As the Ego is the guardian, the protector of the human spirit, its main purpose is to protect the individual from any form of attack. But today, it seems as though the human spirit is constantly under attack of every kind imaginable. If the human spirit is constantly perceiving and believing the world to be a fearful place to live in, then an individual becomes ego driven in order to protect itself from attack in every eventuality.   

For an individual to stop their spirit from working solely from an ego driven standpoint, one has to examine their thoughts, words and actions daily and identify which ego traits they engage in. This is a personal journey, therefore, your findings are private and need only be shared with Divine Life Consciousness for support. Ask for the support and the support will surely come to you! If you are unable to identify any ego traits, then ask Divine Life in prayer (in your mind): “Divine Life, Please help me to identify and rid myself of ego traits that I have, thank you”. When a trait is revealed to you, you will begin to notice the ego thoughts, words and actions that you engage in. When you have identified the ego you can begin to override it in mind and heart by changing the script. Christ outlines how to Cleanse the Consciousness in great detail in Letter 6 Pages 268 – 275. You can also send me a message via contact if you would like some personal advice. I will post a blog soon about how I changed my scripts.  

Below is a quote from Christ’s Letters, listing traits of the ego drive:

“If your present consciousness is permeated with love of possessions and an inability to share with others, devising ways and means to become rich at the expense of others, stealing, failing to perform your work conscientiously or give good value for money, snapping, snarling, indulging in criticism, sarcasm, judge mentalism, rejection, denigration, enmity, intolerance, hatred, jealousy, aggression, violent impulses, thieving, falsehoods, double and devious dealings, slander – you are ego-driven, Your ego is in control and you will find it difficult to move through the miasma of ego – consciousness to be able to see Reality.” L6 P244

The Ego is an important part of the human spirit, it is what gives us our individuality, it is a necessary part of our being. The problem is that the ego is dominating the average human consciousness at this present time. The soul can only take control when you cleanse your mind and heart of ego beliefs and reactions to life. The soul needs to take more control of your spirit in order for your inner and outer world to become a more happier and harmonious place.

Abundant blessings of strength and happiness to you and yours! May Divine Life give you all the support you need today and always, Dear friend.

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