Divine Life

Divine Life is the electromagnetic energy that is EVERYTHING and beyond. It is the Life Force of every single thing, animate and inanimate on this planet, in the universe and in eternity.

Therefore, the Life Force, Divine Life “Is within and all around you” at ALL TIMES. IT IS ALWAYS AT WORK.

The Life Force is in the rocks, soil, animals, plants, air, clouds, rain, rivers and food. IT is in everything! It is the earth, the sun, the moon and the stars. Everything is made up of electromagnetic energy – The Life Force – Divine Life.

The electromagnetic energy waves operate at differing speeds of vibration, or vibrational frequencies. The lower the frequency of vibration, the less animate the object.  The higher the frequencies of vibration, the more animate the object.

Christ saw these vibrations of frequencies in the desert when looking at rocks and described them as a “shimmer of motes”.

The body of each human operates at differing levels of vibrational frequency because we have many systems and organs functioning, both separately and simultaneously to keep us healthy and alive.

The human body with all its systems and functions has within it, small entities working with purpose. Therefore, our very own bodies are little worlds for the small beings within us. Their macrocosm (the body) is our microcosm, the earth then, is our macrocosm and we, each of us are a part of its body, the microcosm of the universe!

So, the tiny entities within our bodies have a role to play in their world. Do you know what your role is, here in this world? Do you know what your true purpose is? How do we microcosms begin to work simultaneously to look after our macrocosm?

The differing frequencies in which each individual body currently resides can be called the personal consciousness of the individual human.

How incredible is Divine Life? It operates ceaselessly to provide all of the beautiful things we sense and use all day long. It operates within the whole planet, solar system, universe, galaxies and all of the unseen dimensions with a purpose of PURE Unconditional Love!

Divine Life is PURE Unconditional Love. It only provides unconditional love. It knows nothing else. It is aware of the disasters and troubles within this world and the pain in people’s hearts, but it is not the cause of it. The cause of all pain and misery on earth is from the ego drive within all humans. The Ego is in overdrive on our planet at this current time. When a human is extremely ego driven their thinking and actions create conditions for themselves that are opposite to unconditional love.

Yes, we were created by Divine Life and yes IT is within us.
We were also given an ego drive to protect ourselves innately. However, conditions on earth have made it seem like a scary place to live and so the ego exerts itself more. Living in a fear driven world, it is certainly understandable that the ego is rife. However, the ego can be controlled! When the ego within you acts out, realise the mistakes you make, learn from them and work hard to stop them from happening again. Believe me, if you want to stop making the mistakes that cause you or others pain and misery, you can. All you need to do is to work daily with Divine Life to express unconditional love in your thoughts, words and deeds. When you make mistakes, think of a more appropriate, loving way to deal with a situation, apologise to others, forgive yourself, pick yourself up and go again. Meditate, pray and PERSEVERE.

Ask Divine Life for help and the help will surely come, but you must work with it, you cannot expect it to do all of the work for you. I work with Divine Life daily to express unconditional love and my life has become joyous and peaceful. Do I slip up from time to time? Of course I do, so, I “discern the loving way” and carry on!

May the life force be with you and little blessings shower your path my friend!

Suggested songs: Always read the lyrics

Think about what you have just read as you listen to these songs, interpret them as a Divine gift for your ears and mind!

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