Death as we know it does not actually exist. The body appears to die but the spirit of a human lives on. When a human “dies” the capsule or apparatus that we call the body stops working, the spirit of the human, the Life of the individual leaves the body and goes to another plane of existence or the next dimension. When you meditate consistently, daily, you will get to a state where you will sense and possibly experience the next dimension.

As humans, we are meant to exist in both this plane of existence: Earth “physical life” and the spirit dimension – where our spirit goes. When death of the body occurs, the spirit goes to the next dimension and depending on the consciousness frequencies of the individual spirit, reincarnation occurs or their spiritual life in the next plane begins. If reincarnation occurs, the soul drops into a new body, and prepares to begin life on earth again in a new sex and or race. They will begin a new journey on earth, learning new lessons that need to be learned.

If the spirit has learnt all it needs to learn and is ready for their next journey in the spiritual dimension, they may chose to stay in the next dimension. The choice of an individual spirit is entirely dependent on whether the individual has learned all they needed to learn on earth or not.

This was what was meant when Jesus died and was resurrected. “On the third day he rose again”… . His spirit did not come back to his body and operate his body in the physical realm. He came back in SPIRIT ONLY to make contact with his disciples. To guide them when they needed it. He had the ability to make himself visible to whom he contacted, by changing his electromagnetic appearance.

How incredible is this fact of life? In the end, we do not die! We never really die. Our personality may die, our individuality does not. Our body dies away, our spirit does not. We reincarnate. We are indeed born again, into a new life on earth or way of life in the next dimension.

This TRUTH, fills me with excitement, excitement on earth to learn more about what goals can be achieved in this life and what spirit life entails. I have no fear of death now, because I am in control of MY LIFE. Because of my thoughts, deeds and actions I decide when I leave my body, nothing can take away my body only me. Therefore I choose when I go, no one or anything else will choose that for me. What a beautiful truth to know!

Thank you Divine life! We are eternal after all! We are immortal! Our TRUE individuality is immortal! How incredibly loving is Divine Life? It gave us eternal life! Woohoo, thank you!!

May the above realisation impress relief and upliftment of spirit to you. Dear friend

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