What is consciousness?

Consciousness is existence, animate or inanimate. It is a state of being. It is a state of awareness. Christ says “Consciousness is life and life is consciousness….. Where there is life, there is consciousness”.

There are many differing states of consciousness on this plane of existence and beyond. The state of consciousness of any thing depends entirely on the vibrational frequencies in which the thing resides. The lower the state of consciousness, the further away it is to Divine Life Consciousness intent, which is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. The Higher the frequency of consciousness of a being, the closer it is to Divine Life Consciousness intent. States of consciousness can be changed; they can be heightened or lowered.

States of Consciousness

“Everything in existence is defined by vibrational frequencies of consciousness, light, sound, colour; all physical phenomena, both, living and inanimate”. L8. P335

All matter is operating at a low frequency of consciousness; when the electromagnetic vibratory energy within a being is so low, it looks solid and may feel hard, soft, bumpy, course, flexible, hollow etc. All objects have names such as rock, bone, wood, metal and plastic. The reason these objects have different names is because they have different characteristics. They have differing characteristics because they are operating at different electromagnetic vibrational frequencies. Each type of stone, for example resides within a separate state of consciousness to another type of stone. Marble is classified as a hard rock and chalk is a soft rock, therefore their purpose or use is different. Marble is used for making sculptures and mantelpieces. Chalk is used for drawing and for children to destroy pavements with. How amazing is even the simplest thing, a rock! It has a purpose for us humans to enjoy using! How intelligent is Divine Life!

“The Universe is Consciousness which has taken on the appearance of “matter” as a result of a decent into the lower frequency of vibration of consciousness”. L8 P335

May Divine Life lovingly impress your mind with a new truth today dear friend.