Confirmations/Advice signs

Here are some of the confirmations I stuck up in my kitchen to help me to change my beliefs about myself and life. Some of these confirmations were stuck up for over a month. I would read them when I got the impulse to, I would read them twice or three times throughout a day especially during the low times. They helped to pick me up during the low times. The confirmations and songs that I made up helped me greatly to overcome a lot of the issues I had.

I like to use the term “change the script” when I refer to the changes I made with regards to my consciousness. I had many negative habitual responses to life and I was totally unaware of them. When I realised and soon achieved my first goal it was soon revealed to me that I had another part of my personality to work on. Slowly but surely I worked on myself, singing songs in my head, reading confirmations, praying, meditating and physically stopping myself from reacting in a negative way. At first I made so many mistakes, and got very upset with myself many times and then realised that even the habitual response of feeling sorry for myself was actually another goal that I needed to work on! Before embarking on this journey I really thought I was a happy go lucky sort of character but I actually wasn’t and when extremely low times came, I just said, it was ” just one of those days” or “oh it’s just because I am hungover” or “awh, I am just tired” but it wasn’t, on deeper analysis it was to do with my deep seated beliefs about something and that created thought patterns and habitual responses that needed to be changed. And that is why I say I changed the script because I needed to change the “actors” script to a more loving script upon this “stage of life”. I soon went from being the victim to being the villian and now I am the hero in my own story!

Yes, the work that I did may look like a bit too much, for you maybe. For me not. I needed to do these things to get to where I am right now, which is a much more peaceful and joyous place than when I started. I was indeed kidding myself before. Now I know the truth with regards to my life I can make it amazing and I have so far. This lifes journey is a short one and I aim not to come back here. I have another 70 to 80 years left here and I think that is plenty of time more to learn everything else that I need to learn. I am glad that I found Christ’s Letters and that I will carry on the spiritual path throughout the rest of my life. I hope you will join me. Please do let me know if you are on the path, you have probably been on it many years before me and probably didn’t need to do as much work either! If you do start your journey, I am here for you! You will probably get to where I am quicker than I am and if so, good for you! For we are all individuals and one persons experience will indeed be different to anothers and that is the exciting thing about life on earth. It is a school for us to constantly learn. I can be your teacher, you can be my student, I can be your student and you can be my teacher, this way we both learn and grow! I hope you find my Confirmations useful, use them if you want to.

I had some incredibly deep issues with myself, to do with self hatred. I found Louise L Hays book: Heal your Life to be a very helpful book when practicing self love. In fact, it is Louise L Hay who inspired me to create my own songs and write affirmations. I highly recommend her book if you have issues with past childhood traumas. But remember, no matter what other books or people you chose to listen to, always stay reading Christ’s Letters. I always keep Christ’s Letters as the foundation book for anything else I read. I use the knowledge from Christ’s Letters to discern whether another author was helpful or leading me up the garden path! If you do get the impetus to follow others, remember Christ’s Letters is your baseline, others will have good viewpoints and some not so good, that is why you take everything you read with a pinch of salt and make up your own opinion about what they are saying. For example Louise L Hay pushes metaphysics, which is good to a degree, but it is only part of what Christ is taking about. So get what you need from other teachers of certain areas but keep on reading, praying, meditating on Christ’s Letters to Divine Life to achieve the ultimate goal of self mastery!