Your beliefs about your world are the very fabric of your life. Your beliefs about yourself, other people and life are what make up your world. Your beliefs create your world.

The responses you have to every situation, your reactions towards people, to society, to yourself, all stem from the beliefs you hold. Most of the beliefs you have are conscious and some are hidden deep in the subconscious mind from childhood events and even past lives. The beliefs you hold make up the characteristics of your human personality and responses to life.

When you “heal your beliefs”, you change them, you change them from believing them to be true to being untrue. When you realise the belief you hold on a particular topic is untrue, your attitude and reactions to life will change. Changing your beliefs alters your behaviour and your outlook on Life.

Beliefs about Yourself:

If you examine the beliefs you hold about yourself, you may believe that you are a selfless, honest and thoughtful being who always does the best for everyone. But, for some reason everywhere you go, the people you meet are selfish, thoughtless, lying idiots. If the Laws of Existence state that whatever you put out you attract back to you, then how could it be that you are getting the opposite back? Are you really as honest, selfless, and thoughtful as you believe yourself to be? Do you really give selflessly? Does how you act daily in front of people really mirror what is going on in your mind? Examine your thought processes whilst carrying out your daily activities, are they as pure as you think they are?

If you find personality traits about yourself that you dislike, you can change them. Work minute by minute with Divine Life to change these traits about yourself. If you sincerely believe that you can change, you will eventually change. If you ask for support from Divine Life in the form of prayer and meditation wholly believing in Divine Life then you will be supported. You must not doubt. Believe and you will receive. You will find the correct remedy to help you make the changes you would like to make. As you work with support from Divine Life, eventually you will realise that the personality trait you longed to rid yourself of has gone. Every time you identify something about yourself that you do not like, ask for help and the help will surely come. It is a tough process, it is doable and the rewards are amazing, after all the pain and hard work, you will eventually become more joyful and at peace within your mind. But first, hard work and dedication to the goal is extremely important. Do not give up. PERSEVERE and believe, you are not alone; you have Divine Life as your constant support. I am here for you too. If you need to ask me a question personally, use the contact form and I will reply as soon as I can.

Beliefs about the World: 

Many beliefs you hold about the world you live in are untrue. If you believe that you must look a certain way or be fashionable to survive in this world, then you are mistaken. If you believe that you must follow the crowd and the ‘in thing’ at the moment you are mistaken. Society is a social construct, you can follow it but you do not have to follow it. These are the fruits of free will. It is entirely up to you how you want to live your life, as long as you remember that everything that you do in life has an effect. You are ALWAYS sowing a harvest for yourself for the future. Remember this quote from Jesus: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” “Treat others how you would like to be treated” and then you will only receive a harvest that you have consciously sown.

If you live in fear of judgement of others, then you believe that to survive you must fit in. Do you, yourself, judge others by their appearance and the things they choose to do? Can you see how then, that you are putting yourself in the position to be judged? If you refrain from judging others, you would soon see that you yourself would be free of judgement.

Do you believe that everybody should “behave” the same way as you “behave”? Do you get angry with people who do not do what you class as normal or correct behaviour?

All people are individuals and perceive life differently. Every single one of us is equal in soul origins, we have all come from the same source, and we will all eventually end up back with the source of our being – Divine Life. Our purpose here is to express Divine Life, Unconditional Love, for ourselves and every living thing on this planet. Our eventual destination is back with Divine Life, our FATHER-MOTHER-LIFE. We are all one! We all have the same purpose and the same eventual destiny; how we reach our destiny is different.

Each and every single one of us is at varying stages of our spiritual journey. This journey leads us through many experiences, some painful, some joyous, enabling us to learn and grow. We need the hard times as well as the easy times, for without both, how could we possibly learn? Therefore, it is only natural that an individual is left to make their own decisions and mistakes in life to enable them to realise and grow from. Offering support and loving council along the way is good, but controlling them and punishing them is not. Cause and Effect naturally teaches that thoughts and actions expressed will either bring joy and harmony or pain and misery.  

Life is a school; there are many lessons to learn. No matter what choices others make in their lives, they must be loved regardless. They have equal rights and do what they believe to be best for themselves and their loved ones, even if your belief is contrary to theirs; they still have the right to freedom of choice. Judgement, condemnation, criticism and punishment of others because of their beliefs, is a waste of time, it causes harm to both judge and judged, critic and criticised, condemner and condemned, punisher and punished, because CAUSE AND EFFECT is always in operation. You always, always reap as you sow. Judge and you will experience judgement, punish and you will experience punishment…

The internet has become a fantastic tool for individual expression. It shows us that there are many different beliefs in this world. If these beliefs were respected, revered, valued and/or examined for validity rather than criticised, condemned and rejected in anger, intolerance and violently destructive ways, life would indeed become more peaceful. The internet has given people the freedom to explore and look at topics from many different angles. The internet gives us the impetus to search for our own answers to topics we question. If we put restrictions on people freely expressing themselves on the internet, where then are the fruits of free will and freedom of expression? Likewise, imposing restrictions and sanctions on a whole population does not leave choice to people with opposing beliefs on a topic or situation they face. Every individual has the freedom of choice, and whether we like it or not, we must express unconditional love to each and every person on the planet regardless of our differing beliefs.

Cast aside judgement, disagree with an individual’s beliefs if you will, but remember they choose to believe what they feel is right, as do you choose to believe what you feel is right. When in discussion with a person with opposing beliefs, show them the respect that you feel you should be shown when expressing your beliefs. As you listen, cast aside anger and intolerance and come to see clearly, they are equal to you. You both are Divine Life Individualised. 

Believe and Receive:

  • Believe in an unjust world and an unjust world is what you will get.
  • Believe and practice peace and peace is what you will receive.
  • Believe you are a victim, you will remain a victim.
  • Believe that you are being controlled and you will be controlled.
  • Believe that you are limited, then you are limited.
  • Believe that you can reach any goal you set for yourself and with the help of Divine Life you will reach your goal!
  • Believe in fear and you will remain fearful.
  • Believe in disease, DREAD IT and it will soon come to you.
  • Believe that when you practice joy and love daily you will receive a like harvest in the future.
  • Believe in punishment and punishment is what you will experience.
  • Believe in Cause and Effect because it is a natural Law of existence.
  • Believe in Divine Life and Divine Life will show itself to you.
  • Believe in and PRACTISE making contact with Divine Live DAILY and eventually contact will be achieved.

Heal your beliefs; bring them into line with Unconditional Love for yourself and every living thing on this planet.

Abundant blessings of love, peace and patience to you today and always!

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