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  Read by E. Thomas Costello
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E. Thomas Costello writes:
“A friend sent the Christ Letters as PDFs to me on October 14, 2010.  As I started Letter 1 that day, I spent half the time giggling in joy and half the time crying in relief to be reading those words.  Since then, I have read the Letters more than 8 times and spent many hours on the recordings.  Reading the Letters aloud was a wonderful experience. I was surprised to find that it felt as though I was seeing this information for the very first time even as I was hearing it being spoken for the first time.

The Letters have changed my healing-spiritual coaching work profoundly as well as my life.  I have always wanted to know how Christ healed and now I know: he attained Christ Consciousness! That is simple, not easy, but simple. I believe the passage in the Bible in which Christ says we can do the things he did, and even greater things.  There is so much value in the Letters that can improve our lives.  Having the opportunity to help spread this healing wisdom is a great honor.”

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Read by Jonas Sikora

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Previously recorded extracts: (read by Christ’s Letters readers)

1. Christ’s New Vision of Existence  Listen

2. Understanding God’s Will  Listen

3. We are responsible for the kind of lives we experience  Listen

4. The Relationship between thoughts and physical phenomena  Listen

5. Christ recounts his healing of a child  Listen

6. Meditation Prayer  Listen

7. An extract in French Listen


1. “Christ Returns – Reveals Startling Truth” 2nd Edition pages 90 – 93; PDF version: Letter 2, pages 15 – 17

2. “Christ Returns – Reveals Startling Truth” 2nd Edition pages 93 – 96; PDF version: Letter 2, pages 17 – 18

3. “Christ Returns – Reveals Startling Truth” 2nd Edition pages 102 – 104; PDF version : Letter 2 pages 22 – 23

4. “Christ Returns – Reveals Startling Truth” 2nd Edition pages 335 – 337; PDF version: Letter 8 pages 2 – 3

5. “Christ Returns – Reveals Startling Truth” 2nd Edition pages 74 – 78; PDF Version: Letter 2, pages 7 -9

6. “Christ Returns – Reveals Startling Truth” 2nd Edition pages 378 – 379; PDF version, Letter 8 page 24

7. “Le Christ Revient – Il révèle sa surprenante Vérité” pages 361 – 362