Christ speaks of his reasons for returning to dictate these Letters and says that mankind brings their own woes upon them through their thoughts and actions. He explains why his true mission on earth was not recorded properly. He says there is no such thing as ‘sin against God’; neither is our true Source of Being understood. He describes his six weeks in the desert and what really took place – what he learnt and how the knowledge changed him from rebel to Master and Healer.  He describes his first public healing and the tremendous response, and his awareness that his time on earth was to be cut short by crucifixion. He explains what really took place and was said at the ‘Last supper’, the disciples’ attitudes, and the truth concerning his ‘ascension’.

Christ says that he and Muhammad, Buddha and all other Masters have continued to develop spiritually until they have all ascended into CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. Christ speaks of the truth of the sexual relationship, saying that the attitude between men and women will eventually change. Spiritual progress will take place and children with new spiritual potential will be born.

Christ explains in minute detail the true processes of creation. He touches on what science and religious doctrines have believed, rejects them and defines the TRUTH of BEING. He touches on the truth regarding the human ego, – the means of earthly individuality and therefore necessary, but also the source of all suffering.

Christ describes the truth concerning the sexual act – what really takes place spiritually and physically. How children are born on different levels of consciousness. He explains men and women’s place in the world order.

Christ explains the reality of men and women, how to live within the LAWS of EXISTENCE and come into a state of harmonious blessed state of being in which all things are abundantly provided, health is restored, and joy becomes a natural state of mind. Every individual can reach this interior state of blessedness, and peace will then become the norm.  He tells people plainly how to overcome the ego, gain true self-esteem and experience the joy of perfect inner peace.

Excerpts from Christ’s Letters:

There is no ‘God’ who is pleased– or not by our behavior:
“When I was on earth, I urged people to forgive and to abstain from judgment, criticism, condemnation. The church has misinterpreted this as meaning you must ‘please’ God by loving others and abstaining from the negative emotions.

This is not what I meant at all. There is no ‘God’ who needs to be ‘pleased’ by your behaviour.
You are masters of your fate in that you always ‘reap what you sow’. All of the foregoing pages have been directed at giving you details of how to avoid sowing weeds in your vegetable patch, how to remain healthy, happy, prosperous.

A time will come in your spiritual development when you will awaken to the enormous gift you have in your head – the gift of creative, intelligent thinking, and you will also become aware of the enormous responsibility you bear towards the way you use it.”

Sin does not exist in the eyes of God
‘There is no ‘sin’ as we understand it. We are born to behave as we do. Therefore the ‘Father’ holds nothing, rejects nothing, condemns nothing, does not even see ‘wrongdoing’. All that man does which man calls ‘sin’ is only of this world and is only punished within this world – for it is a Law of Earthly Existence, as you know, that whatever you sow you will reap as a like harvest.

Men, through the willful and harmful exercise of their ‘Ego-Power’, draw to themselves their own punishment.

Because he draws LIFE and MIND from the ‘Father’, man himself is creative in thought, words and deeds. Whatever he thinks, says, does, and believes, returns to him in like form, some time later. There is no punishment from the ‘Father’ – whatever ills come to mankind is of their own making entirely.’

We have to find a way to overcome our human thoughts and feelings for they separate us from the protection of the ‘Father’ and bring us our sickness and misery. When we have learnt how to overcome the ‘self’ we will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.’

Christ had no need for his body after death
It has been said of me that ‘my body rose from the dead’. What an absurdity conjured up by earthly minds which were at a loss to satisfactorily explain my death as a felon on a cross!

What need would I have of an earthly body to continue existence in the next dimension?

How could such a ridiculous myth persist even into the 2lst century? It has been a measure of the lack of understanding of ‘Christians’ that they have blindly accepted such a dogma to this very time.

Think about this carefully. Having been released from an earthly body and after my experience of the ecstasy and glorious rapture of passing into a higher dimension of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, why would I want to return to the earthly dimension to enter my body again? Of what use would it be to me in your world or in mine? Whilst the ‘physical substance’ of my body might be spiritualised when perfectly attuned to the ‘Father Love Consciousness’ whilst I still lived on earth, would not my body be an encumbrance and a deterrent to my subsequent journeys within the highest Spiritual Kingdoms?

Visible things are but a manifestation of specific frequencies of vibration in consciousness which produces a ‘SHIMMER OF MOTES OR PARTICLES’ giving an appearance of solid ‘matter’.

Each visible substance possesses its own unique vibrational frequency. A change in the rate of vibration produces a change in the appearance of ‘matter’. As consciousness energies change so do the appearances of ‘matter’ change.

Therefore, it was possible for me to focus and lower my frequencies of consciousness to that point where my form became visible to the human eye. I could return to my disciples and be seen by them. And I did so. I loved them more than ever before, and owed them as much comfort and support as I was able to give them after my death. Not only this, it was necessary to direct my own power into their minds in order to give them the impetus and courage to continue the work I had started.

Christ explains the origin of the “body and blood” of Christ
When it was time for me to eat the Passover with my disciples, I arranged we should eat it all together in a large supper room. I knew it would be the last time I would eat any food on earth. I do not want to return deeply to the consciousness of that night.

I felt great sadness to be leaving my disciples who had served me so well. With my sadness came a return of all my fears and conflicts. I had moments of deep emotional self-pity. I felt that no one understood all I had tried to do for my people and the sacrifice I was prepared to make for them.

John was giving a vivid account of the story of the Israelites’ last night in Egypt before they escaped into the desert. He spoke of Moses’ instructions to the head of each family to kill an unblemished lamb, to cook it in a certain way and paint its blood on the doorposts of all Israelite dwellings, because that very night, angels would come and slaughter all the first born children of the Egyptians and their livestock. With great relish, he recalled the outcry made by the Egyptians when they woke to find the bloodied first-born in every home. None was spared.

It was the kind of horrible story I rejected as having any value for anyone seeking higher spiritual Truth. I wondered how much my disciples had really understood when I spoke of their ‘Heavenly Father’ and His love for all mankind. How could they relish the thought of ‘angels’ killing the Egyptian first-born when I had clearly told them that ‘God’, the ‘Father’ was Love.

But the Jews had always been pre-occupied with the shedding of blood to atone for their sins.

Even Abraham, the founder of the Israelite nation, had been convinced he should take his only son into the desert and kill and offer him as a sacrifice to God. A pagan and revolting thought!

I thought of the animal sacrifices in the Temple. Loving all the wild things of creation as I did, the practice was an abomination to me. And now I was about to be put to death because I had dared to speak the words of Truth. And when I considered how little I had achieved in passing on my knowledge, I wondered why I had been sent on such a mission!

I felt a momentary spasm of resentment and anger inter-threading my usual feelings of love for these men.

With some cynicism, I wondered what effective token of remembrance I could leave with them, to bring back to their minds all my teachings when I was no longer with them. If they could so swiftly forget all my teachings on the ‘Father’s Love’ and enjoy the horrible story of the Passover, whilst I was still in the room with them – how much would they remember when I had died as a ‘felon’ on the cross, the most despicable of deaths?

Then it came to me that since they were so moved by the ‘shedding of blood’, I would give them blood to remember me by!

With these ironical reflections, I took up a loaf of bread, broke it and passed it to my disciples and told them to eat it. I likened the brokenness of the bread to the future brokenness of my body and asked them to repeat this ‘breaking of bread and distribution’ as a means of remembering the sacrifice of my body to bring them the TRUTH – the Truth about God and the Truth about life, the Truth about Love.

Realising I was in a strange mood, they stopped eating, listened, took the bread and ate it silently.

Next, I took up my goblet of wine and passed it around, saying that they must each drink from it for it was a symbol of my blood which would shortly be shed because I had dared to bring them the Truth of Existence.

I saw that the edge in my voice had reached some of them. Soberly, each one took a sip and then passed the goblet to his neighbour. But still, they said nothing. They sensed I was in earnest and would not tolerate any more argument.

Reincarnation plays a role in the Laws of Existence
Re-incarnation is not haphazard or without a consistent plan directing its action.

The purpose is always to provide the journeying soul with many entirely different experiences which will enlarge the soul’s hidden store of worldly knowledge. It provides stimulating and necessary changes of scenery and of family and environmental personalities, of characteristics drawn from genetics, but always that thin thread of the soul’s journey will be buried in the subconscious mind and will surface to influence the present incarnation, although the person may be wholly unaware of it. Therefore, it is possible for characteristics, strongly held views, or passionate ambitions to be perpetuated from one incarnation to another. Sometimes the ambitions are formulated in one lifetime and only brought into a successful manifestation in the next lifetime under entirely different conditions. In such cases, before re-birth, a soul must wait until the world conditions will further the hidden ambitions of the soul successfully.

The importance of the sexual act
Lovers know when they truly love and come to each other in pure tenderness and love because such intercourse is a moment of union of mind, emotions and body, and lingers in their consciousness afterwards, making it difficult for them to draw apart from each other. They are aware of transcendent beauty, a renewal of emotional love instead of satiation, and an all encompassing harmony. These men and women are joined by Divine Consciousness.

Sadly, their personal EGO-CONSCIOUSNESS can eventually taint the love they felt for each other and gradually largely replace it, leaving them separated and alone, sad and emotionally/physically weakened, wondering why such a beautiful, exalted state of love could ever dwindle and die.

These Letters can be the means of their overcoming the ego drive and re-discovering their previous love on an even higher and more spiritual level. In which case, man and woman will become more whole than ever before.